Race Details


Kancman is the most epic long distance triathlon to ever hit the White Mountains.

Swim a metric mile in picturesque Echo Lake, crank 150k over Crawford Notch, Bear Notch, the KANC, and Kinsman Notch, then wrap up the suffering with a rolling 10k through Franconia Notch.

This is an unsanctioned, unofficial, and unencumbered race that will be a great way to  cap off your season (successful or otherwise), OR as a way to gear up for a late season Ironman in one of the most beautiful regions in the country.


The event will most likely take place on September 28th, 2013. If we have an unseasonably cool autumn, you’ll just have to suck it up a bit more. If it snows, well, then we’ll probably call it off and go sledding.

Race is tentatively scheduled to start at 8:00 am, with a pre-race meeting at 7:30 am beforehand. That means if you’re making it a day trip from Boston, you’ll have to leave around 5am (which strikes organizers as pretty reasonable). If you cannot complete the event in the 10.5 hours of daylight, you should probably just come and drink beer.


Race entry is FREE, but donations will be accepted to supplement the bountiful prize purse we’re offering:

1st place: Beer

2nd place: Less Beer

3rd place: Less Beer

4th through 50th: Leftover Beer

DFL: 6 pack of Michelob Ultra Raspberry Pomegranate ‘Beer’ (yes this is a thing).


There will be no officials, no signs, no marshals, no road closures, no lifeguards and no liability. Race organizers accept no responsibility for anything that happens before, during, or after the race (bear attacks, moose attacks, zombie attacks, etc). This is a glorified training day amongst friends, and participants are welcome to complete all, part of, or none of the legs of the race. There are no aid stations, no support vehicles and no signs (except for maybe the run course if I get there early, which I probably won’t). You can load the course maps to your phone or garmin, or go old school and take a cue sheet. The transition zone will not be secure, and you’ll probably want to throw your bike in the car or lock it to a tree when you head out on the run. We’d like to cap the field at about 50 athletes to ensure we don’t overwhelm the course or the beer supply.

Drafting is legal, but will be fairly irrelevant given the nearly 8000 feet of climbing. The race course is obviously open to traffic, so don’t be an idiot, and make sure you know where you’re going. It is fall foliage season, which means that while there will be spectacularly stunning scenery, there will be morons driving the kanc. Stay to the right and ride single file! A bright blinking tail-light and bright clothing is recommended. 

Given the nature of the event, it should be inherently obvious that it is every individual racer’s responsibility to know the course, and to honestly complete it in its entirety. Cheaters will face public humiliation of the highest order. Also we’ll probably push your car in the lake.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious and fired up I just stumbled across…

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